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*Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at (Limited Seats).    
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Embeded System Training Course in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula


Best Embedded Systems Training in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula

ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited is an established company to provide the best embedded system training in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula and it is an ISO 9001:2018 certified company. The Embedded system training course conducted by ThinkNEXT to improve the knowledge and efficiency of the students in the field of embedded technology. Our training programs are designed and developed in the manner to focus on the overall development of the candidates by enhancing their behavioral and technical skills, thereby making them compete for this field.
We have designed Advance career oriented Embedded system courses especially for fresher from placement point of view with more focus on an understanding and practical, hands-on experience in the development of Embedded. It is covering micro-controllers based hardware to operating system level applications development. Latest technologies used in embedded systems development. We have got a very good response from students as well as appreciation from many companies for providing good industry-ready candidates. We provide the best Embedded Systems training in order to increase the career opportunities for both fresher as well as working professionals to get better opportunities in career.
Here are the major topics we cover under this Embedded Basics, Specific Processor Architectures (or) Controllers, Embedded Application Development, Linux kernel, Advance C Programming Embedded Linux system development, Device drivers, Buffer allocation Memory Mapping and DMA Rtos. Every topic will be covered with practical examples.

Embedded Systems
Embedded system is a programmed controller and operating system with a dedicated function within a larger electrical or mechanical system, often with real-time evaluating limitations. Embedded systems control many devices in today's common use. Ninety-eight percent of all microprocessors are manufactured to function as an embedded system component.

Embedded Systems consist of the following technology elements:

1. Microcontrollers- It is a brain and the processing unit. It collects information from the input device and gives output as per the logic defined in it.
2. Input-It collects information from the user or environment via sensor or remote control.
3. Output-It collects the information from the microcontroller and performs accordingly.

Embedded System Industrial training in Chandigarh

 Raspberry Pi
 PCB Designing

Here are some major characteristics of the Embedded system to know.

  Each embedded system is a single function that has one objective.
  Real-time performance, i.e. if data is entered at an unexpected time, the system performs without any delay.
  Multirate. Take a camera example. It can be color, black and white or motion. Here all these support for the work of a particular camera. So the embedded system has a multiple rate process.


Does ThinkNEXT Embedded training course make any difference in your career?
Large number of applications uses embedded systems such as an automobile, consumer durable, Power electronics, diagnostic equipment, appliances, medical applications, aerospace, Industrial automation, communication systems and entertainment systems, etc. Embedded system is part of automation & its use will increase in the future also has a never-ending scope.
The main objective behind any professional training is to get excellence in technical skills & get placed on the desired job profile. ThinkNEXT main aim is to provide best embedded training in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula and also help students in getting good jobs in design & development in an embedded system.
We conduct a mock group discussion and personal interview session. We guide students in the area of soft skills and personality development to achieve success in their career. We prepare the student for technical as well as non-technical part of interviews.

Embedded Systems Training Certification, Placement and other Activities

 Free Spoken English, Personality Development and Interview Preparation classes on daily basis.
 6 Months/6 Weeks Training + Project Certificate By ThinkNEXT
 Embedded Systems & Robotics Experience Certificate by ThinkNEXT
 Job Interview Preparation
 Multiple Job Interviews + 100% Job Assistance
 Part Time / Full Time Job Offer for each student during training (Earn while you learn)

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Embedded System Training in Chandigarh Mohali
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Embedded Systems Training in Chandigarh
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