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*Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at (Limited Seats).    
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Video Editing Course in Chandigarh Mohali

ThinkNEXT is one of the oldest and leading training companies in India which provides video editing course in Chandigarh. Our motivation is to make sure that our students look at them under a different light, shining above the rest at all times. We at ThinkNEXT are motivated by excellence, passion, and experience. As the number of films produced each year increases, we aim to provide quality and skilled professionals to the industry. Thus, with our presence for years in the industry, we feel it is extremely important that we have skilled professionals. We build and shape the future of these young aspirants who are well prepared to contribute to the return to our brothers.
Our courses are crafted keeping in mind the necessity of practical know-how, given which our students are offered live projects to hone their skills. With each student, we strive to be the best in what we do, by providing the driving force for the film industry.
Video Editing course in Chandigarh is an upcoming and popular career option; this is a key role in the post-production process. As a video editor, you will be responsible for compiling the raw material recorded in a final product suitable for broadcast. Materials may include camera shots, graphics and special effects, dialogue & sound effects
ThinkNEXT students learn from the basics of video editing, working with current drama materials and rushing from their individual projects to learn the creative and artistic part of editing. Students work with all types of Non-Linear Editing Software Starting from Adobe Premiere CC, Final Cut Pro7, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe After Effects and Avid - Media Composer.

ThinkNEXT - Video Editing Course in Chandigarh Mohali

Film and Video Editing: Career Information
You can work on a variety of products including, Feature films, corporate training videos, Commercials, television programs, music videos,
Your work as an editor will include a summary, perhaps a sketch of the footage, a list of footage, a script or a scenario, or the collection of all the initial shots, with camera footage or video clips in preparation for computer input, intrusion and unencrypted audio, Files on the computer, digitally cut files to assemble the movie sequence and determine what is usable, and create "rough cut" (or modify the collation) of the program / movie and select the exact pieces for the next and final stages; rearrange and roll the content to ensure logical sequencing and smooth playback of film / video.
You can also perform online editing tasks that include finishing technical aspects such as correcting erroneous images, coloring, and adding special effects.
Learning by doing
"Learning by doing" is our Moto which is strictly followed by faculty members of ThinkNEXT, which is providing best video editing course in Chandigarh Mohali. Our faculty members pass on up-to-date practical skills and theoretical knowledge that is wholly relevant to a new generation of Video Editor. As our faculty members are active practitioners in the film industry, we recognize that they also need to be able to communicate their knowledge effectively and inspire those who study it.

Introduction to Video Digital Media

  Basics & Principles of video
  Learn about Digital and Analogue
  Color Theory & Color Systems for video
  Audio and Video File Formats for learning
  Creating Backgrounds & Energy Oriented Graphics
  Creating Logos and Identities, Scanning, Storing a
  Transporting Images and video files
  Enlargement and Reduction
  Image Size and File Size
  Mode and Image Attributes and Objects Transformation
  Reshaping, Applying Effects, and Filters
  Layer Concept, Color Correction, and Pattern & Texture
  Case Studies, Tests, and Projects
  Audio and Video Editing
  Non-Linear Editing on able
  Multi-Cam Editing
  Broadcasting and Film
  Color Correction in ¬†video files
  Recording and Capturing of Sounds systems
  Learn about Audio Synchronization
  How to Controlling Pitch and Tempo
  Type Animation and Casting Styles
  Chroma Keying and effects double
  Capturing of Video
  Paint Effects
  Tracking & Advance Compositing (Action Module)
  Intro Making, Montage, and Promo
  Organizing Footage
  Finishing and Outputting
  Case Studies & Demo Reel

After a study about video editing course in Chandigarh, the participant should be creatively and technically competent in order to become a feature that is independent Director. Other career choices to select from are advertisement film making, television program production, screenwriting, production management, distribution or advertising

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