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*Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at information@thinknext.co.in (Limited Seats).    
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Stipend based Industrial Training in Chandigarh Mohali

Diploma in Web Designing & Digital Marketing in Chandigarh

Web Designing

Adobe Photoshop

 Introduction of Stock Photography
 Types of Images and Image Editing Tools
 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
 Using Photoshop Tools
 Layers, Actions and Filters
 Creating Custom Effects
 Design Banners, Basic Website Layout
 Design Complex website Layout
 Conversation of PSD to XHTML
 Mockup Designing


 Getting Started with CorelDRAW
 Creating Graphical Objects
 Creating a Design
 Formatting Objects
 Manipulating Text
 Working with Tables
 Enhancing a Drawing
 Working with Advanced Printing Options


 Structure of HTML
 Basic HTML Tags
 Advanced HTML Tags
 Difference between HTML & DHTML
 DHTML Basic tags
 Introduction to Doc Types
 Creating Simple HTML Pages
 HTML 4 & 5
 Cascading Style Sheets

Introduction to CSS

 Types of style sheets
 Types of CSS Selectors
 Complete CSS properties
 Converting Table layout to CSS
 Custom CSS Layout Design
 Creating simple and dropdown menus
 Creating Appealing forms using CSS
 CSS Tips and Tricks with Hacks

Adobe Dreamweaver

PSD to HTML Conversion

Java Script

 Client and Server side scripting
 Introduction to Java Scripting
 Types of Java Scripts
 Variables, operators, loops
 Objects, Events and DOM
 Common java script functions
 Using Java script in Dreamweaver
 Java Script Validations
 Implementing Menus, Galleries etc
 Introduction to Ajax
 Real time Ajax Examples

How to Create Website

 Client Requirements/Specifications
 Creating a concept and layout
 Choosing a Color Scheme
 Choosing Stock Photography
 Texture and Typography
 Design a Professional Layout
 Conversation of PSD to CSS
 Implementing JavaScript

Web Hosting(By FTP)

 Web Hosting Basics
 Types of Hosting Packages
 Changing Name Servers
 Linux and Windows CP
 Using FTP Client
 Maintaining a Website

Testing and Implementation

 Various Browser Versions
 Validating the DHTML & CSS
 Common Compatibility Issues


 jQuery Fundamentals
 Using jQuery Selectors
 Interacting with the DOM
 Handling Events
 Working with Ajax Features

Responsive Web Design


 Course Introduction
 Why Bootstrap 3
 Getting Started
 Bootstrap 3 Basics
 Bootstrap Components
 Bootstrap Plugins
 Migrating to Bootstrap 3

Adobe Illustrator

 The Pen Tools
 Layers and Grouping
 The Stroke
 Shape Objects
 Aligning and Distributing
 Line Tools
 Compound Path and Clipping Mask
 Applying Color
 The Brush Tool
 Transparency and Masking
 Enveloping and Meshes
 Smart Guides and Rulers
 Scissor and Knife
 Appearance and Styles
 The Blend Tool
 Charts and Graphs
 RGB and Screen Graphics
 Saving for the Web
 Slicing for the Web
 Image Maps
 Symbols and Symbol
 Image and Photoshop Integration
 Variables Palette
 Auto Trace Feature
 Customizing the Keyboard

Digital Marketing

Web Introduction

 What is www (World Wide Web)
 Use of Search Engines
 Working of Search Engines
 What is Web Hosting?
 What is domain and blog?

On Page Optimization

 Website Structure Optimization
 Title Optimization
 Meta Description Optimization
 Meta Keywords Optimization
 Header Tags Optimization
 Content Optimization
 URL Structure
 Internal Links Optimization
 Anchor Text Optimization
 Image Optimization
 Browser Compatibility Checking
 Broken Link Check
 Keyword Density

Off Page Optimization

 Link Building
 Article Marketing
 Blog Marketing
 Blog Creation
 Directory Submissions
 Deep Link Directory Submissions
 RSS feed Submission
 Bookmarking Submissions
 Classifieds Submissions
 Forum Submissions
 One way link building
 Link Wheel Service
 Press Release Distribution

Social Media Optimization

 Forum Posting
 Google plus One
 Blog Posting and Promotion
 Social Networking Profiles Creations
 Face Book Marketing
 Twitter Marketing
 LinkedIn Marketing
 Video Submission
 Social Bookmarking
 Squidoo Lens Creation
 Hub Pages Creation

Use of SEO Tools


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