Top Companies Providing Industrial Training in Chandigarh Mohali
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        *Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at (Limited Seats).                                
*Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at (Limited Seats).    
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Stipend based Industrial Training in Chandigarh Mohali

Top Companies Providing Industrial Training in Chandigarh Mohali

There are various companies in Chandigarh Mohali or Panchkula who provide 6 Months, Six weeks Industrial training in Chandigarh, Mohali or Panchkula. Most of these companies. Some of the top companies which provide industrial training in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula are:

1. ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited
2. Infosys Limited
3. Tech Mahindra Limited
4. QuarkMedia House (I) Private Limited
5. Webtech Learning

Top 5 tips before enrolling into 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training:

1. Always do your training from a registered company Private Limited/Limited

Whether the company from which you are going to do 6 Months or Six Weeks Industrial Training is a registered Company or a Firm. All companies which are Private Limited/Limited are registered under companies act in India. If the company is not Private Limited/Limited, then it means they are registered as Firms/Partnership Firms and technically firms are not authorized to use the word “Company”. If you get certificates from a Private Limited/Limited Company, then it is considered more authentic for Foreign Visa or general purposes as compared to a firm. Companies always have board of directors whereas firms have Proprietor/Partner to claim ownership. In Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula, many firms claim that they are registered company but actually they are small firms.

2. Try to do Industrial Training from a Company which gives you Spoken English, Personality Development and Interview Preparation Classes on daily basis

Chandigarh Mohali region, most of the companies claim to students that they will provide them Free Spoken English, Personality Development Classes etc., but if you ask them in detail that whether these classes will be on daily basis or Saturday/Sunday, then they will tell you that It will be only on Saturday or on Saturday, Sunday both etc. But after joining such institutes/companies, students will come to know that it was just like a formality, no professional trainers for Spoken English, Personality Development etc. Most of these institutes/companies will take PD classes until the student pays full fee.

Therefore, it is advised to join a company which provides you Spoken English, Personality Development and Interview Preparation on daily basis so that you can crack HR round easily for Jobs and can have a start with higher salary package as a fresher.

3. Take the demo class or meet with the trainer:

Try to take the demo class so that you can have somewhat idea of the trainer's level.

4. Choose the training program wisely:

Try to choose the training program by assessing the industry demands, area of interest, future job prospects in your preferred job location.

5. Never go for certificates, Go for knowledge

Many of the students now a day ruin their own career by just getting paid certificates from many companies/institutes without taking actual training. Trainings are the most crucial time-periods for the career of students and 6 Months/6 Weeks trainings make the students industry-ready, they take training lightly and tries to find shortcuts. But there is no shortcut of hard work and smart work. But later with the time, most of the students realize that it was their one of the biggest mistakes that they took certificates only but did not get actual knowledge.

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