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Industrial Training in Chandigarh

You are here  Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Industrial Training in Chandigarh  

We provide industrial training in various technologies in Chandigarh. More specifically, we provide industrial training to Computer Science, ECE and IT students who wish to get their training according to university guidelines. We provide best industrial training in Chandigarh qualitatively

Areas of Training ?

The trainings are in the domain of computer science and information technology. The areas covered are PHP, ASP.NET, Android, iPhone, .NET, C++, CCNA, MCITP, Hardware and Networking

Duration of Training

We provide Industrial Training for Six Weeks, Industrial Training for Six Months. We can also customize the duration according to your needs.

What are the benefits of Industrial Training ?

By getting trained with us you will benefit in a number of ways. First is that you get acquainted with the software industry, the various professional tools employed in a commercial concern. Then, you learn the industrial ettiquete like punctuality, and target oriented working where deadlines have always to be met, even by working for stretched hours. And, last but not the least, you become employable, so that you can acquire a good job anywhere.

What Certificates will be Issued ?

We shall issue certificates both for training completion and work experience from ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited, a leading software company.

What is the Fees Structure ?

You can pay in convenient installments that suit your pocket. We do not insist on immediate payment of fee or token money. Our primary objective is to satisfy you first. If you are getting trained for a duration of 4 or above months, you can split your fees into three equal parts. If you have already got training earlier from ThinkNEXT, you have a claim on discount also. Please ask us for the current discounts policy.

How can we Contact you ?

You can contact us through email, phone or filling-up by an enquiry form Post by ThinkNEXT