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*Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at information@thinknext.co.in (Limited Seats).    
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Stipend based Industrial Training in Chandigarh Mohali
cnc programming training institute in chandigarh mohali

Best CNC Training Courses in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula  

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is used in automobile industries for part production. It replaces conventional milling/turning machine for getting higher level of accuracy (within 5 microns) of mass production. Cycle time also is reduced and tool changing is also easy in CNC.

Looking for CNC Company in Chandigarh? ThinkNEXT Technologies is providing top quality CNC industrial training course in Chandigarh. It’s trained several students and creates them professional CNC expert. So, if you would like to create your career in CNC sector, then be a part of ThinkNEXT Technologies for best CNC training in Chandigarh.

CNC Industrial Training - Course Contents

Level 1 - CNC Machine Operator.

  Understanding of All CNC Machining Operations.
  Introduction to The Working of CNC Control Panel.

Level 2 - CNC Machine Setter.

  Machine Settings / Workpiece Holding / Tool Holding.
  Tool Offset / Work Offset.
  Changing Offset Parameters on CNC Control Panel

Level 3 - CNC Programmer.

  Basics of CNC Programming: G and M Codes.
  Program Header and Footer.
  Advanced Programming Techniques Using
  Basic Machining cycle
  Advanced Machining Cycles.
  Canned Cycles
   Use of Mirroring Commands.
  Use of Subroutines (Subprogram).
  How to Reduce the Machining Cycle Time.

CNC Milling/Turning

  What Is Fanuc Control?
  Description of Different Operating Modes.
  Explanation of Coordinate System.
  Description of Feed Override and Spindle Speed Override.
  Creating New Tools in Tool Offset Area.
  Operating Sequence to Determine Tool Offset.
  Entering the Tool Offset Values for Various Tools.
  Enter / Modify the Work Offset.
  Meaning of G and M Codes.
  Meaning Of S-, T-, F- Function.
  What Is CNC Program.
  Structure of CNC Program.
  Creation of Slots Using G00 And G01 Commands.
  Cutting Circles and Ellipses.
  Editing and Deleting Part Program.
  Description of Work Offset / Tool Offset.
  Description of Programming Modes.
  Absolute and Incremental Mode.
  Cutter Radius Compensation.
  Cutting Dies and Punches.
  Introduction to Subprogram.
  Mirroring A Profile Using Subprogram.
  Axis Rotation Commands.
  Use of Scaling Commands.
  Cutting Circular and Rectangular Pockets.
  Introduction to Canned Cycles.
  Introduction of Drilling, Boring, And Tapping Operations
  Understanding Tool Motion in Canned Cycles.
  Creating Holes in Different Patterns.
  Creating Holes On PCD.
  Cutting LH And RH Threads Using Tapping Cycles.
  Calculation of Spindle Feed and Feed Value for Tapping.
  Concepts of Countersinking and Counter Boring for Enlarging holes.

Turning Operation

  Tapered turning
  Spherical turning
  Hard turning
  Polygonal turning

Milling Operation

  Face Milling
  Plain Milling
  Angular Milling
  Form Milling
  Gear Cutting
  Key Way Milling
  Helical Milling
  Profile Milling

CNC Programming Training Certification, Placement and other Activities :

  Free Spoken English, Personality Development and Interview Preparation classes on daily basis.
  Life-Time Learning and Placement Card.
  6 Months/6 Weeks Training + Project Certificate By ThinkNEXT.
  CNC Experience Certificate by ThinkNEXT.
  Job Interview Preparation.
  Multiple Job Interviews + 100% Job Assistance.
  Part Time / Full Time Job Offer for each student during training (Earn while you learn).
  One-to-one Project and Project will be made Live and to make it Live, ThinkNEXT will provide sub-domain and hosting worth Rs. 3000/- absolutely free to each student for web based Project.

CNC Training in Chandigarh Mohali
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