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Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at (Limited Seats).
Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at (Limited Seats).
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Telecom training in Chandigarh with

Telecom Training in Chandigarh  

 Module I

 Telecommunication Basics

  • Introduction and evolution of Communication
  • Multiplexing and Modulation
  • Time Division Multiple Access ( TDMA).
  • Frequency Division Multiple Access ( FDMA)

 Cellular Communication

  • GSM Bands
  • GSM Network Architecture
  • Traffic Management
  • GSM Transmission and Channels
  • Call Flow
  • Handover/Handoff
  • Frequency Hopping
  • Frequency Planning

 Telecom Implementation

  • OHS
  • BTS Site and Tools
  • PIU Installation
  • SMPS and BB Installation
  • Antenna and Feeder Line Installation
  • Site Master and GPS Training
  • On Site Reports
  • Acceptance Testing

 Transmission Systems

  • Microwave Transmission
  • SDH and PDH
  • ATM Technology

 2G Implementation

  • Nokia Flexi Edge BTS
  • Nokia Flexi Hopper Installation, Commissioning and Integration
  • FIU 19E
  • Ericsson RBS Installation
  • NSN Ultra BTS Installation


 Introduction of 3G (UMTS)/WCDMA

  • Evolution of UMTS Technology
  • WCDMA Technology
  • UMTS Architecture
  • Nokia WCDMA (3G) BTS Installation
  • Ericsson RBS 6000 family (3G BTS)
  • NSN Flexi Packet Multi-radio

 Operation and Maintenance

  • Alarms
  • Alarm Classification
  • Internal and External Alarms
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Quality Inspection

 RF Survey and Drive Test

  • RF Survey and LOS Survey
  • Drive Testing
  • Creating Presentations
  • Post-Processing Analysis


 4G (LTE)

  • 3GPP Standards and Releases
  • LTE Bands
  • LTE Architecture
  • LTE introduction
  • LTE Air Interface
  • LTE RAN functionality
  • LTE Layer1,Layer2,Layer3
  • LTE Initial Tuning and Performance Optimization
  • Drive test tools and Log Analysis
  • Measuring and Understanding LTE Accessibility/Retanability/Mobility KPIs
  • Benchmarking LTE Performance
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of problems in LTE RF: Practical problems and troubleshooting.


  • Wi-Max Introduction
  • Wi-Max Architecture
  • Wi-Max Installation and commissioning

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