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        *Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at information@thinknext.co.in (Limited Seats).                                
*Applications are invited for Free 6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training. Email your resume at information@thinknext.co.in (Limited Seats).    
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Stipend based Industrial Training in Chandigarh Mohali

Six Months Weeks Marketing Training in Chandigarh Mohali

MBA in Marketing

The Master of Business Administration is a professional degree which originated in 20th century during the industrialization phase in United States of America. It is a course which has an international recognition and is designed to develop the skills required in managing any firm, institution or an organization.
Therefore a management degree holder has vast opportunities as well as a better career growth in various organizations. In today’s time there are lots of universities which are providing the management degree courses but ThinkNEXT Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides practical training which prepares students to face the real work environment.
There are various courses under this degree such as Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources etc. which are offered for the full time and on part time basis. ThinkNEXT is providing 6 weeks/ 6 months MBA Internship in the fields of the HR, Marketing and IT.

Prerequisite for enrollment in MBA Internship program
Any graduate candidate who is pursuing or has pursued an MBA professional degree in the fields of HR, Marketing and IT is eligible for 6 weeks/six months internship.
Skills Required by a management employer
Interpersonal skills
Good oral and written communication skills
Numeracy and Analytical ability
 Creativity and Imagination
 Influencing and Negotiation skills
 Organizational Ability
 IT skills
 Business and Commercial acumen
 Drive and Ambition

Human Resource Management- MBA in HR

MBA in Human Resources is an important field of management which needs an involvement in the areas of managing the workforce in an organization in an effective manner and the manner comprises of evaluation of the various jobs, deciding job responsibilities and duties in consultation with the other members of the management, attracting the eligible candidates, selecting the most suitable candidate, providing compensation and benefits, assessing their performance from time to time.
Therefore, when we integrate the duties and responsibilities of an HR in an organization, the individual degree holder need to have the good presentation skills , communication skills ,conceptual skills etc. which all students possess and just requires a polishing and brushing of these skills in a practical environment which is provided and facilitated by ThinkNEXT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Human Resource Management is a wide field and candidates find it difficult to carve their path but with ThinkNEXT you could not just clear your concepts and enhance your conceptual skills but will also be able to communicate and present yourself in front of the employers that too in the real work environment.

At the end of the Human ResourceInternship program in ThinkNEXT students will be able to:-

Plan out thea current and future role of HR specialists
Plan working schedules for workforce in an organization
Handling Statutory Compliances
 HR Auditing
 Understand flexible pattern of work of different organizations
 Recruiting and selecting the right candidate
 Purpose of Training and Development
 Performance Management
 Rewarding Employees
Job Evaluation
 The Ethics of HR
 The Basics of Employment Law
Skills for HR Specialists
 Equality in Practice

MBA In Marketing

MBA in Marketing Management is about the proper analysis of the market, deciding strategies, implementation, controlling, feedback in order to match the running pace of the dynamic market and then accordingly making forecast.

At the end of the Marketing Internship program in ThinkNEXT students will be able to:-
 Present themselves confidently in front of the marketing employer
 Handle shareholders in a firm
 Able to manage and maintain long term relationships with different units externally as well as internally
Understand Supply Chain Management
 Understand Logistic Management
 Understand the role of different units in the firm and their interdependence on and for marketing.

MBA In Information Technology
MBA in Information Technology is not all about technical skills but it also includes the management skills as well. Managing live projects may be the skill known by many professionals but managing a team and getting work done on time from the employees and staff in a particular project handling unit is all about management.
ThinkNEXT has 8+ years of experience in web development and is providing training which has led to 100% placements in the tricity but for the postgraduate candidates it provides internship which enhances conceptual skills, personal skills, communication skills and brings out the best in the candidate.

At the end of the IT Internship program in ThinkNEXT students will be able to:-
 Manage a Project team as an IT Manager
 Understand the roles and responsibilities of an IT Manager
 Learn how to work and get work done under the deadlines
Understand various software languages
 Understand web designing

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